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By Shiketa Morgan 19 Nov, 2017
Business Success begins with a Clear and Refreshed Vision!

I stopped by a local nail spa and I noticed that the staff was  taking some plastic off of new furniture and the entire spa was rearranged.

In fact, seeing all the changes excited me. I was loving the new look and there was a sense of excitement in the air. When the nail tech began to work on my nails I asked, " So, what's going on?" The nail technician replied, " We have a new owner."

Then I thought, wow! I have to blog about this. Moreover, as I sat in the spa, I observed the new setting, some of the old staff was gone and there was a new vision.

I can remember what it felt like when I got a new vision for my Business. In fact, once I was clear about my Vision that is when my Business began to Grow!

Are you feeling stuck? Feeling a lack of motivation? Are you ready for something new? Are you ready to makeover your Business in 2018?

 If so, I want to show you how to makeover your Business by getting a Clear vision in my upcoming Mentor ship Program or you can join me at my Doing Business by Faith Empowerment Workshop.

With Vision in Mind!
Shiketa Morgan
By Shiketa Morgan 26 Oct, 2017

Several weeks before writing this blog post; I had a garage sale at my home.

My goal was to get rid of some old clothes, shoes, purses and household items. Moreover, one of the items that I had for sale at my garage sale was my book, Doing business by Faith.

While at my Garage sale, one of my neighbors was browsing through the items that I had for sale and she saw my book (Doing Business by Faith) and she ask me the following question: What is Doing Business by faith? I answered her question and I decided to write a blog post about it.

Doing Business By Faith simply means to Do Business in a Realm that you cannot see touch or feel and Doing Business by Faith is made up of 3 principles:

  1. Hope- I believe that every business owner has hope that their Business will be a Success. In fact, it is vital to your Business Success that you are in a constant state of hope, because a lack of hope will eventually kill your dream. Moreover, I believe that hope is what keeps your Vision alive!
  2. Trust-Do you trust that you will succeed? Do you trust that God will provide you with what you need for the Vision? Trust is a Big part of building a relationship as well as building a Business. In fact, it takes a ton of Faith to Trust that what you desire for your business will soon become a reality. So, I challenge you to relax, trust God and trust yourself!
  3. Confidence- Do you have confidence in yourself? Do you have the confidence that God has called you to start or operate a Business? I believe that a confident Business Owner can accomplish anything that he or she sets his heart to do. So, hold your head up, stick your chest out and be confident in your goals and dreams.

Finally, I believe that doing Business by Faith is simply moving forward even when you don't feel like it and never giving up on your Business goals and Dreams!

With Big Faith you will accomplish Big Things and I want to empower you to Build Your Faith. For more Faith building principles, Be sure to get my book, Doing Business by Faith!

Shiketa Morgan

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